Hotel Tower Inn & Suites - San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina

Casino Tower

Tower Inn & Suites San Rafael has its own casino with 11 gambling tables, black jack, poker, baccarat, and a room with 200 slot machines. We offer 20 continuous hours of service as we are open from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. The Casino also has a daily programme of live shows.

  • Casino Hotel Tower Inn San Rafael
Hotel Tower Inn & Suites
HipĆ³lito Yrigoyen 760
San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina
Call: +542604427190


Tower Inn & Suites San Rafael - Mendoza Argentina

Tower Inn & Suites San Rafael is located in the south of the Province of Mendoza, near Atuel and Diamante rivers, in a landscape full of mountains, valleys, sun and water. This hotel has been designed to enjoy unforgettable experiences with family and friends.